Tuesday, November 1, 2016

November 11th - Veteran's Day Celebration

If you attend this event you will also be able to walk thru the LIBERTY TRAILER PROJECT!

Honor our Veterans.
Educate our Youth.
Inspire Patriotism.
MISSION:  To be a visual reminder in our community of the high price of freedom and as a memorial to those who gave their lives and to the families who sacrificed so much. 

PURPOSE:  To make the "Liberty Trailer" available to those groups seeking to raise awareness of the mission - at no cost to them through "Event Sponsorship."

WHERE:  Parades, fairs, fund raisers, etc.

FUNDING:  It is funded by Patriots who love this country and understand how much was sacrificed for the freedom we now enjoy, and those who are willing to do something to see that this freedom, "LIBERTY", is preserved for future generations.
Contact Ron Miller at 616-813-6952 or libertytrailer1@gmail.com.

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