Monday, November 28, 2016

Blue Star Mother Shopping Spree

Blue Star Mothers Shopping Spree at Muir Village Market

Well thanks to Phil Cloud and Kurt Scheurer, we have two $50 bills and we just sent 2 Blue Star Mothers out in the store to see what they could buy.  We will be comparing donations soon!

Thanks to Pull-um Automotive for donating $100 to start another shopping spree and then $20 to cover postage!

Results of the first shopping spree!

At the check-out!  Shopper 1 had 35 items and was just 4 cents over!  Shopper 2 had 37 items and went back for 1 more to bring their total just shy of $50!


Thank YOU Toni, Log Cabin Inn Banquet Center for Shopping Local!


Results for Shopping Spree #2

Taking a break for running the cash register, we have the results for Cashier #1 who went on a shopping spree!  Cashier #2 is out in the store now.

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