Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Treasures for Troops - Night 3: Saranac Fire Dept

Here we are in Saranac Fire Dept!
Blue Star Mothers setting up inside!

 The truck is parked out in front of the Saranac Fire Dept

And donations are coming in quickly!

Thank You's go out to Saranac Area Women's Club, Saranac Community Schools, and a local Girl Scout Pack for bringing in boxes and bags of donations!

We also thank Grand River Rover Rescue for calling in a pledge of travel sized toothpaste.  I will be meeting up with them to pick of the cases later this week!  And this will go great with the toothbrushes and dental floss sticks that we have also received in cases!

Blue Star Mothers finishing up night 3 at Saranac Fire Department.

Treasures for Troops Donations Collection

Day 3 of Donations

All the donations after 3 days of collecting!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Treasures for Troops - Night 2: PromoPrint&Stitches2

Treasures for Troops collecting donations at PromoPrint&Stitches2.

Blue Star Mothers are ready to accept your donations.

The Liberty Trailer Project is here for you to tour!

Thank You to the Ionia ISD - Early On Program for bringing in donations!


Monday, November 28, 2016

Blue Star Mother Shopping Spree

Blue Star Mothers Shopping Spree at Muir Village Market

Well thanks to Phil Cloud and Kurt Scheurer, we have two $50 bills and we just sent 2 Blue Star Mothers out in the store to see what they could buy.  We will be comparing donations soon!

Thanks to Pull-um Automotive for donating $100 to start another shopping spree and then $20 to cover postage!

Results of the first shopping spree!

At the check-out!  Shopper 1 had 35 items and was just 4 cents over!  Shopper 2 had 37 items and went back for 1 more to bring their total just shy of $50!


Thank YOU Toni, Log Cabin Inn Banquet Center for Shopping Local!


Results for Shopping Spree #2

Taking a break for running the cash register, we have the results for Cashier #1 who went on a shopping spree!  Cashier #2 is out in the store now.

Treasures for Troops - Night 1: Muir Village Market

We kick off Treasures for Troops at the Muir Village Market!
4-7 PM

Thank You YOUNG Automotive Group for providing the 2016 GMC Sierra Truck for us to collect donations in!

View from inside the Truck!

Finishing the night in style!

Thanks to Rich from the Lamplight Grill who brought in another donation to send someone shopping at the Muir Village Market!

Here are some photos at the end of the night before we loaded the truck!

And here is what it looks like in our Treasures Storage Room!