Saturday, November 29, 2014

Ready to Kick-Off Treasures for Troops!

Want to show your support!

You can set the Treasures for Troops Square to your facebook profile pict for the week to show your support for this project!  
  1. Place your cursor over the image above.
  2. Right Click (that's the other mouse button!)
  3. Save AS (be sure to pick a location on your computer that you find!)
  4. Log in to Facebook
  5. View your page!
  6. On the bottom left of your profile pict should be a small transparent camera.
  7. When you click on the camera, choose upload picture.
  8. Select your picture then hit "OK" or "Upload"
If you need technical support beyond this...find a teenager!

All kidding aside!  WION Radio and Berger Motors wants all the help we can get spreading info about Treasures for Troops.  We realize that not everyone is on facebook or uses a computer, but if you are reading this you obviously are able to use a smartphone, tablet, or pc.  So please share this cause with your friends and family!

If you need copies of our list of items or a poster to share with your friends and family that are not tech savoy or have an internet connection, please contact us and we can let you know where you can pick up printed copies to pass out.  Email or post a comment to this blog!

Share PSA's from WION Radio

Please let us know what other prep work we can do or resources we can provide you to help demonstrate your support for Treasures for Troops!

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